Simplyk has strong values



Simplyk aims at encouraging and facilitating volunteering

We realized giving time is not always at reach, despite all the good-will people have. Long forms, lack of information and time spent on many websites may lead potential volunteers to give up. We want to end this waste of energy and resources, and remove all the barriers that discourage people from helping and giving their time (for the greater good).


Simplyk Constitution

Simplyk is a social impact company with strong values

Article 1 : Simplyk is free for organizations and will always be

Article 2 : Simplyk is free for volunteers and will always be

Article 3 : Volunteers and organizations' work is valuable, Simplyk exist to facilitate it

Article 4 : Simplyk must use cutting edge technology to apply Article 3

Our History

How did we start?

François & Thibaut, co-founder

Our History

Simplyk's birth

When François arrived in Montréal for his Masters in 2014, he wanted to volunteer but faced tremendous difficulties in finding a position. After interviewing people around him, he realized he was not the only one in this situation. He talked about his problem to Thibaut, who is passionate about web technology and sustainable development, and the project Simplyk was born. Since that day, we worked very hard on developing and proposing a web platform for volunteers. The first version was rolled out in July 2016, and every week since has known remarkable improvements.


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