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François de Kerret and Thibaut Jaurou


« We have the chance to live a happy life. However, we realize it's not the case for everyone. Many people are going though hard times, often alone and we believe that with more solidarity and mutual aid, we can create a happier society for everyone. When we see thousands of people offering their time and money everyday through Simplyk, we realize it is not just a utopia. »

They talk about us

Jennifer Lonergan -

Executive Director at Artistri Sud

We saved more than $1,000 in fee compared to the previous year with eventbrite. We easily automated the split tax receipt so no administrative work was needed.

Fiona Crossling -

Executive Director at Share The Warmth

Symplyk offers a user-friendly donation platform and no fuss tax receipts. It allowed us to save a lot on administration fees, which is extremely important for a non-profit organization like ours.

Christiane Badaoui -

Volunteer Coordinator at Make-a-Wish Foundation

With Simplyk, I was able to recruit several dozen volunteers and four corporate groups!

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