WoodGreen Community Services

Prepare and serve a meal to the needy during the holidays and other impactfull activities

490 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

10-100 participants


All year long

What we'll do

Provide our clients who otherwise would not have a place to celebrate the holidays with an experience that will be unforgettable. Be part of bringing the community together, providing them with good company, a nutritious meal and a sense of belonging. Groups will help with all aspects of the meal including preparation, serving and cleaning up. Other activities can be organized depending on the groups.

We have 3 locations which can host a banquet: 43 Pape Avenue on Wednesdays or Thursdays, 490 Sherbourne Street any weekday and 650 Queen Street E. on Fridays. Celebrating its 80th anniversary, WoodGreen is a founding United Way of Toronto member agency and is one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto. WoodGreen helps seniors live independently, internationally-trained professionals enter the job market, parents access childcare, children and youth access after-school programs, newcomers settle in to Canadian life, homeless and marginalized people get off the streets and job-seekers find meaningful employment and training. WoodGreen offers more than 75 innovative programs to some of Toronto’s most marginalized communities. WoodGreen is a solution provider for some of our society’s most critical social issues. WoodGreen’s 700 staff members and 1,000 volunteers provide critical social programming via 36 locations to over 37,000 families and individuals, providing them with the opportunity to live with greater independence and self-sufficiency. As a sector leader, WoodGreen brings a high level of rigour to projects to ensure best in class methodology and sustainable outcomes. WoodGreen Child Care Centres Over 700 children are enrolled throughout WoodGreen’s 7 child care centres. It is difficult for parents to find child care that they can trust. WoodGreen provides a safe, stimulating and enriching early learning environment where children are cared for by professionally trained staff giving parents peace of mind. Our curriculum is based on the most up-to-date practices and is designed to respond to each child's individual needs and interests. Parental involvement is an integral part of our program. We offer 7 child care locations in the east end of Toronto, along with nursery school spaces, a summer camp program and parenting programs. Committed to continual learning and excellence, we work with a variety of partners to deliver our many child care services. The Bruce/WoodGreen Early Learning Centre is noted as a model for the future by Dr. Charles Pascal in his ground-breaking report on full-day early learning. Healthy food is provided at all WoodGreen Child Care centres through our catering company, Yummy Catering. WoodGreen Youth Programs WoodGreen has a variety of free and unique youth programs to offer assistance to youth who are new to Canada and are looking for work, fun social outings, homework help, and to learn new skills. Neighbourhood Programs and After 4 Child Care: With two locations, our After 4 child care program includes healthy lifestyle activities, homework clubs and the opportunity to participate in fun outings with a network of volunteers from the community. Newcomer Youth Services: Newcomer Youth Services meets the specific needs of youth who are new to Canada, arriving either with their families or on their own. The program offers a wide range of settlement services for newcomer youth ages 13-24 such as counseling, group programs including workshops, homework and arts clubs, sports, events and trips. Rites of Passage: Rites of Passage helps youth of African descent reconnect with foundational principles that are part of their African heritage but often absent in their day-to-day lives. Some of these principles include self-respect, self-determination and a responsibility to the community around them. 100 per cent of the youth who graduated from Rites of Passage are volunteering in their communities, providing leadership to other kids. Sisters in Action: The Sisters in Action program provides an opportunity to young Muslim women to engage in social recreational activities, sports and opportunities to develop skills through mentorship. Mental Health Services According to Health Canada, one in five Ontarians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. WoodGreen helps adults living with a range of mental health challenges who face significant barriers including poverty, inadequate housing and social isolation. We offer social and recreational groups, supportive counselling and stable housing to help our clients live independently and improve the quality of their daily life. Developmental Services for Adults We help individuals living with developmental disabilities to access the various community-based services they need including: Ontario Disability Support Program Affordable housing Medical services Social and recreational groups Financial and banking services Employment training and job opportunities We also offer support to clients in helping to resolve personal issues, and to build important life skills such as problem solving, budgeting and making friends. Services for parents and children At WoodGreen, we offer support groups for parents of children with developmental disabilities, provided exclusively by other parents who have also experienced raising a child with special needs.


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