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Friday and Saturday Night's Social Club Volunteer

byProductions Spectrum Education

Hang out, animate activities, and eat dinner with some great folks!


5445 de Gaspé #415

16 y.o minimum

What we'll do

Position: Social Club Volunteer at Spectrum Productions Location: Film studio in Montreal, Québec Description of Host Organization: We are a non-profit community-based organization that provides opportunities to youth on the autism spectrum in media production. We are committed to providing quality experiences with film and media production to our participants through easy access to tools, equipment and guidance needed to make personal and collaborative media projects. Our Programs are designed to encourage and support the social, creative and vocational well-being of the youth we support. We believe that self-expression through media is a unique and accessible way to share interests, develop passions, and foster social networks. You may find out more on our website: http://productionsspectrum.com/en/ Volunteers wanted for Friday night and Saturday afternoon social clubs at Spectrum Productions! Participants hang out, share interests, videos, songs, socialize, learn new skills, cook and eat. Social clubs are every Friday 4pm-8pm and every second Saturday 1 pm-4pm. Dinner is served. A great opportunity to get to know the people who are part of Spectrum. Fridays are adult social club age ranges 14+. Saturdays are youth social club age range 7-14. A great opportunity for animating short, artistic activities and workshops.
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Productions Spectrum


Creating opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum through video and media production.