Roulant Experience #3: Bike Ride to the Roulant Farm with Pier for Santropol Roulant


$60 - Bike Ride to the Roulant Farm

Your purchase includes: a guided 50 km bike trip to the Roulant Farm with Pier, a picnic snack in Pointe-Claire, and an afternoon at the farm complete with blankets for picnicking, bug spray, a chance to swim, and a $30 tax receipt.

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What is a Roulant Experience? Created to help us reach our Golden Gala fundraising goal, these one-of-a-kind outings are hosted by Roulant staff members for one day only to share their unique interests and expertise with YOU… all for a good cause! Connect with Pier, Jeremie, Nazmus and other members of your community through immersive group activities where they will share their passion, knowledge, and unique perspective. You won’t find these experiences anywhere else!

How does it work?
  • Each experience has a maximum number of spots available;
  • Each activity has a set price of $60 per person, which is eligible for a $30 tax receipt;
  • You can sign up for an experience on a first-come first-served basis;
  • All proceeds help us reach the fundraising goal of $32,000 for seniors in their golden years who are at risk of food insecurity and social isolation.
Bike Ride to the Roulant Farm with Pier
Date: Flexible, weekend day within the next 9 months TBD with participants
Time: Full day starting 9:30am
Meeting place: Santropol Roulant, 111 rue Roy Est
Number of participants: 8
Price: $60 (elligible for a $30 tax receipt)

Join Roulant Executive Director Pier for a scenic journey from Roulant headquarters to the Roulant farm. This 50km bike ride will be a pleasure and a breeze with Pier at the helm, taking you on the scenic route along the Lachine Canal, Saint Lawrence river and lac des Deux-Montagnes. Stop for a picnic snack stop in Pointe-Claire, and when you arrive at the farm you will be ready to enjoy your picnic lunch, a tour of the fields, and an optional swim in the lake. After the adventurous day, you can kick up your feet and relax on the train ride back to the city.

What we provide: picnic snack in Pointe-Claire, blankets for picnicking at the farm, bug spray
What you should bring: your own bicycle, a lunch, other snacks you think you might need, plenty of water, comfortable cycling clothes, a bathing suit and towel, and money for the train ride home.

111 Rue Roy Est, Montreal, QC, Canada