West Neighbourhood House

Share your skills with young refugees

248 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

6-10 participants

afternoons and evenings during the week (between 3:30-8pm)

All year long

What we'll do

Bring your skills to our Newcomer Youth Program by providing a workshop (eg. a resume clinic or art-based project) or participating in a sports activity. This program is located in Parkdale and works with youth ages 13-24.

Your team will receive: Recognition in our Annual Report and social media channels Support from West Neighbourhood House staff The opportunity to share your skills with newcomer youth Vision West Neighbourhood House will work in partnership with the community to promote personal and social change in order to achieve a safe, health and accepting society for all. To this end, we will work with our resources and the strengths of the community. Mission Statement West Neighbourhood House enables less advantaged individuals, families and groups in the community to gain greater control over their lives and within their community. Guiding Principles Build bridges within and across communities Promote access to full participation in society by addressing barriers like illiteracy, inadequate incomes, unaffordable housing and discrimination of all types Assist people to meet individual and family needs Provide the tools and opportunities for people to control their own lives and to take on leadership in the community Advocate for changes in social systems that will ensure dignity, quality of life and equal opportunities for all. West Neighbourhood House values the dignity of each individual and the responsibility of each of us to care for others.


Ingrid Ximenes
(416) 532-4828