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7th Annual Tea Party with a Caribbean Twist

par Club SOCCA Sport et Culture

Guests can learn about Caribbean culture while enjoying tea; Ontario high school students can earn hours for their volunteer requirement

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dimanche 6 mai 2018, dimanche 6 mai 2018, ...

Adresse : Ottawa Masonic Centre, 2140 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON

Âge minimal : 14

Club SOCCA (Social Organization of Caribbean Cultural Activities) holds an annual tea party to welcome spring. This is a tea party in the traditional sense, serving tea (and other beverages) and sandwiches and special Caribbean treats while listening to Caribbean music provided by DJs David SuperSound and Sunshine International interspersed with performances by local talent. This year we are featuring a presentation by a 10 year old about his recent trip to Ghana.

Liste des activités

Set up
Bring in equipment and other items from vehicles; set up tables, lay tables with table cloths, decorations, silverware, plates and tea cups
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 12:00 PM à 2:00 PM
6 places restantes
Serve beverages and food to guests, remove plates and cups and saucers after use, take to kitchen to be washed
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 2:00 PM à 5:00 PM
8 places restantes
Assist in the set-up of the kitchen, make tea, coffee,fill urns with beverages, make sandwiches, prepare plates of sandwiches to be served to
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 12:00 PM à 3:30 PM
3 places restantes
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 3:00 PM à 6:00 PM
3 places restantes
Kitchen clean-up
Remove food waste from dishes, place in dishwasher, remove clean dishes from dishwasher, pack them
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 2:30 PM à 4:30 PM
2 places restantes
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 4:30 PM à 6:30 PM
2 places restantes
Post event Tidy-up
Remove remaining dishes, cups and saucers from tables, remove table cloths and decorations, pack away items, load vehicles, tidy hall and kitchen
dimanche 6 mai 2018
De 5:30 PM à 6:30 PM
4 places restantes

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To teach youth of Caribbean extraction of their heritage through family-friendly events To expand the knowledge of Caribbean culture in the diaspora