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par Pluralism Outremont Education

Help kids and adults better understand the history of black people in Canada, Haiti and South Africa

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475 Avenue Bloomfield, Outremont, QC, Canada

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Testify is a free family event presented as part of Black History Month on February 25th from 10 am to 4pm at Paul-Gérin-Lajoie-d’Outremont high school: 475, avenue Bloomfield, Outremont. The day will feature fun activities (and prizes to win!), arts and crafts, NFB films and games that promote a better understanding of the history and accomplishments of Black people in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. This year, we will feature South Africa (Diverse people unite) and Haiti (Strength through unity). We will welcome artists who are participating in the Montreal Black Artists-in-Community Residency program organized by Critical Creations and CFAR (Critical Feminist Activism in Research) at Concordia in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery at Concordia. There will also be a roundtable discussion, which centers on Black identity in Quebec, inviting parents from the community to speak about their experiences. Activities will run all day and visitors can join at any time throughout the day. Pluralisme Outremont is a collective of parents and community members from a broad range of backgrounds who are committed to building vibrant and inspiring school environments for all children and their families.

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dimanche 25 février 2018

De 10:00 AM à 4:00 PM
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Pluralism Outremont

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The committee’s mission is to encourage, facilitate and create interaction to promote respectful understanding among the diverse people who make up our school communities. Our goal is to ensure that our schools are safe spaces for all children, that all children feel included and see themselves reflected in the curriculum and in school events and activities. This will be achieved through advocacy on municipal, provincial and federal levels and by organizing events that celebrate the diverse cultures and people that make up our communities.