$50 - Sponsor a KM

Hospice Halifax is pleased to announce a matching sponsor for this donation! For every $50 you donate, your donation will be matched! (127 KM available)

$25 - Add a Song to Kate's Playlist

Please put your song choice in the comment section and Kate will add it to her playlist to listen to throughout the ride! Pick wisely, you may get a shoutout! (120 songs available)

$150 - Alternative Training for Kate

Want Kate to try a Spin class? What about yoga or salsa lessons? Now is your chance to get Kate moving and grooving in anticipation for her big ride. Please enter your activity of choice in the comments below. We will share some videos/photos of Kate trying these alternative training activities on our social media (4 slots available)

$200 - Your logo on Kate's race shirt

Have your company be apart of Kate's big day! please call us or email m.kelly@hospicehalifax.ca with your logo. (6 spots available)

$250 - Bike & Bean Meetup

Help Kate rest up! Join Kate along her route on October 9th at the Bike & Bean for a drink and chat about her time at Hospice Halifax. (6 seats available)

$300 - Baste the Biker at Finish Line

Celebrate with Kate at the finish line and put that extra thanksgiving gravy to good use! We will provide you with a squirt gun filled with gravy for a gross and funny ending to Kate's day! (5 spots available)

$500 - Challenge the CEO

Make Hospice Halifax's own CEO workout for the first time in a century. This will ensure our CEO rides alongside Kate for 5 KM. (15 KM total MAX...we actually need him on Monday)

$750 - Turkey Costume during ride

Gobble Gobble! Get Kate to wear a turkey costume during her first 5 KM.

$1,000 - Pie the CEO

For $1000, we will provide you with a buffet of delicious pies to smash into the face of our loveable CEO....only one ticket available!

You can add a donation for HOSPICE SOCIETY OF GREATER HALIFAX:

We use Simplyk, the only ticketing for non-profits giving us 100% of your payment. A contribution to support them will be suggested at confirmation.