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Mentoring Program - Plusone - YMCA NDG

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Build a meaningful relationship and share your experience with a young person in their community. Become a Plusone Mentor.

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YMCA NDG - 4335 Avenue de Hampton, Montréal, QC H4A 2L3

18 ans minimum

Au programme

A mentor is an adult volunteer who gives their time to build a meaningful relationship and share their experiences with a young person in their community . The youth are from 10 to 17 years-old. Our mentors are positive models of perseverance, compassion and personal success. By creating an equal relationship with a young person, rather than a teacher-student dynamic, mentors foster cooperation, give advice and support in a more open environment. Youth participants are matched with a volunteer adult mentor for one-year period. The pair meets weekly at their local YMCA to participate in sports, leisure and confidence building activities of their choice. Of course, all of our mentors are carefully chosen and trained before they begin working with youth. They also receive ongoing training and assistance from the program’s support workers, with whom they meet regularly. If you are 18 or older and interested in making a positive difference in a young person’s life by listening to them, participating in rewarding activities with them and providing guidance when they need it, please complete the form below.
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YMCA Unplus Mentorat - Les YMCA du Québec

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En visant le développement des compétences et la création de nouvelles aspirations, ce programme de mentorat aide les jeunes à réaliser leur plein potentiel et à s’orienter vers un avenir plus viable.