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Aider les enfants en difficulte avec leur reussite scolaire

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Pointe St Charles: YMCA, Ash Avenue, and 3532 Centre Street.

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We are currently recruiting volunteers who will provide academic support to students from Grades 7-10 with Maths, French, English, Science. Tutoring takes place at 2 sites in Pointe St Charles: YMCA, Ash Avenue, and 3532 Centre Street. Tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday between 4-6pm.
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Pathways to Education

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Pathways to Education is intended for youth from disadvantaged communities experiencing high dropout rates. The program offers four different forms of support to students from the time they start high school right up to the moment they graduate: 1. Academic support: Tutoring is offered in five core subjects and is provided by volunteers working under the supervision of a staff member. 2. Social support: Group and career mentoring provides youth with the opportunity to enter into discussions, become positive leaders, and explore different career opportunities and options for post-secondary studies. 3. Financial support: Students can benefit from up to $400 in immediate aid every year (i.e. bus tickets, school supplies, meal tickets for the cafeteria), as well as a $500 bursary every year for post-secondary studies (amount depends on funding). 4. Individualized support: Advisors are available to work with parents and students to support, motivate, and empower youth. They ensure that there is follow-up between the students, their parents, the school administration, teachers, and community groups.